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Bubacarr Chatty

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Position: Midfielder

Bubacarr Chatty

He is known in some quarters as ‘Little Scholes’. This is because of his ability to pass the ball well and assist his team mates during matches. Bubacarr Chatty enjoys what appears to be an almost telepathic understanding with his teammates. At training he assists his colleagues because he understands the training programs.

Bubacarr Chatty despite his age has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is one of the brightest young stars in Gilkock Football Academy.

Amongst his abilities are, he is a good passer of the ball. He combines that with accuracy, ability to move into good space with or without the ball and the nag to take on defenders when finding his way into the penalty area. He is also very instrumental without the ball that makes him a team player.

His laurels include being part of Steve Biko youth team and been scouted in The Gambia U-17 in the 2011. But due to his ill health he was not able to make the final selection. Chatty has for the past seven years he has spent with the academy been used as a team leader in all the groups he passes through in the academy.