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Ruth and Anneka Assendelft equip Gilkock store

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Dutch couples Ruth and Anneka Assendelft,  have donated shelves and football materials to the Brufut based Gilkock Football Academy. Receiving the materials on behalf of the academy Buba K Jallow, the Technical Director said he has no words to express how he feels receiving the materials from the Dutch couples.”Since we came in contact with these Dutch couples they have been our partners so, i definately have no words for these people. They are true friends of the academy.”

It could be recalled that way back in 2009, Ruth and Anneka visited the Gilkock Football Academy store at the Brufut Lower Basic School and were not pleased with the way materials were arranged and promised to help rearrange the store.According to Ruth, he has been working on transforming the Gilkock store from a local store to a store that look like that of a professional  club. “These materials we fixed here today makes this store more spacious compared to the previous times. The room is more specious now than before and now you can arrange the kits in a more organised manner ,” he stated.Apart from the shelves, the Dutch nationals who have been friends of the Brufut based football academy also presented four sets of football jerseys, thirty footballs and some football materials to be used by the academy.One of the players of the academy was quoted as saying, “We can’t pay these couples but we will continue to pray for them but we as players must also work hard in realizing our objectives because we have what most football academies don’t have in this country.”

kisima Bojang

Friday, April 5th, 2013


                                                          Kisima Bojang

                                                             Mid Field


Kisima Bojang joined the academy at a very young age and has since then worked very hard to improve himself. Today Kisima nicked named Kissy is a chap much loved by his colleagues and coaches.


Kissy’s abilities include good ball control, spacing, a good tackler and an excellent eye for distribution. Notwithstanding he is a specialist in set pieces and he have a great shooting ability when in contact with the ball.


These and other qualities see him through the academy with the nag to succeed in football. He was one of the first Gilkock footballers to be courted by big teams from the country’s premier league as well as other academies. Kissy as fondly called by colleagues later 2007 joined Samger a first division were he was kept in the youth team till the 2008 league season when he join the senior team which put up a fierce fight till the end of the league, coming runner up to the league champions Wallidan. In 2009 Kisima the lad consolidated his position in the team as he is part of the teams plan to fight for the league this year even though it is not easy.

Ebrima Bojang- I am not surprise that few of my boys are scouted

Friday, April 5th, 2013


Ebrima Bojang assistant coach at the Brufut based Gilkock Football Academy said he is glad three of boys were scouted to attend the final scouting process of Aspire Soccer Academy in Dakar but claimed that he was not surprise to have three boys selected. He said he was expecting more than three to be scouted because he had prepared his boys very well ahead of the recruitment tourney.

According to Ebrima hard training and commitment is always the motto of the academy and that is what his kids adopt and have made their working tool. He pointed out that his academy has five trained coaches, which to him is their stronghold.
“We train on Saturday and Sunday, and at our training ground we have enough coaches to teach the kids the skill and technique they need. This is one of our advantages and the other one is that our players have role models in the academy; players of the Brufut based football academy who despite playing in the first division train with us every weekend. This heightens the aspirations of our players so wherever they go they perform to expectation,” he said.

He said that the three players selected Karamba Darboe a defender, Hamang Barrow and Lamin Daffeh both midfielders are wonderful players.
“They are exceptional. They give their best at training and during matches. Their colleagues look up to them at training and they work hard a lot. I am very sure they could make the final selection and head to the Qatari base Aspire Soccer Academy.”

The Qatari based academy launches an ambitious programme annually to search for talented African students from seven nations with a chance to provide the students with the opportunity to study and train in one of the world’s most advanced sports Academies.
The talent search is called ‘Football Dreams.’ This according to the Aspire website is the largest football talent search in the world. The website stated that 6,000 staff will screen more than 500,000 boys born in 1994 in seven different countries across 700 locations.
“Originally in the first phase of recruitment, the best 50 players from each country identified in the selection process, will go for a week long trials in the capital city of their respective nations. The top three from each country then go to Aspire for four a week trials and testing,” Aspire website states.

Hence the Gambia is still under Senegal’s zone, six players will leave the Gambia among whom are three from the Brufut based Gilkock Football Academy for the Senegalese capital for a week long trail where three best players will be identified for the Qatar trip.