Hans and Saskia visit Gilkock Football Academy, promise to assist

Dutch couples Hans and Saskia, visited the Brufut based Gilkock Football Academy on the 18th December 2012 and promised to help the academy with football materials when they are back home. The couple spent two hours going round the academy’s training ground observing the training, asking questions and taking notes. The couple are from the city of Utrecht.

The couple who asked many questions were impressed with the work that the brufut base academy have been doing and have since promised to contribute their quota to the growth of the academy.

according to Hans, “We are impressed with what we saw here. We like the way you conduct your training. The players seems to be very good looking at the ground on which they play. The ground is too bumpy but still the players have showed great technical skills and tactical intelligence. I am encouraged to go back to Holland and fish out some materials for the academy because i really know that they need lots of things to grow. Me and my girl friend will do everything we can do to get this academy some football materials in the shortest possible time,” he concludes.

For his part Ebrima Bojang who played a part in bringing these couple to the academy said they as coaches have worked so hard for this academy and can only count of assistance from good people like Hans and Sasha.

with your support we can move this academy to the highest level says Coach Ebrima bojang

He informed the couple that once they send in any material to the academy, they are contributing to lives of young players in the academy. “the fact that you have taken time to pass by and spend two hours with us here means you have interest in what we are doing and i am sure you can do something for the academy.”

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